The Unregistered and Temporary Work Visa’s

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Orion Daley
Date: Fri, May 30, 2014 at 7:43 PM
Subject: Re: An Obama humanitarian victory – Make Migrant workers H1-B status – its easier and makes them Legal l

Dear President Obama:

I am not sure why it has not been considered before, but as we do not need H1-B hi tech individuals taking our jobs, migrant workers getting this status allows them to become legal, and can serve as an interim solution where their rights can be protected!
I feel that this is more straight forward than making people citizens where their heart might not be in the US but back in their home. Simply put – if not needing to become a US citizen to work in the US, does one really want to become an American ? Statistics of HI-B Visa say that not every one coming to our country wants to be an American.
Those folks who want to be US citizens at that point could be far less, and therefore less in having to nationalize, which means that they could become citizens sooner.
A far as Congress can be concerned, I feel that you would have out flanked any contentions ground, while also achieving an Obama humanitarian victory.
Frankly no one can fault you for caring for folks, and you can demonstrate diplomacy which is beyond measure.
Best Regards,
Orion Karl Daley

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